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Air cooling modular

Air cooled module cold (hot) water unit

Time:2020-05-06 12:03:47
TMR series air-cooled(hot)water unit,referred to as heat pump.It is a central air-conditioning unit with water as cooling(hot)medium,which is an integrated equipment of both cold and hot.TMR series adopts horizontal block design,and each module unit can be combined freely on time,
It is controlled by microcomputer.According to the change of air conditioning load,the unit can flexibly control the cold(hot)output by starting and stopping the corresponding module unit,thus effectively saving energy.The unit can increase the heat recovery device,provide the cooling capacity of the air conditioner and recover the condensation waste heat generated during the refrigeration operation,and provide domestic hot water or process hot water up to 63℃.The heat pump saves many auxiliary parts such as cooling tower,water pump,boiler and corresponding pipeline system.The system is simple in structure,saving in installation space,convenient in maintenance and management,and saving in energy,especially suitable for the area with lack of water source.
Therefore,the air-cooled heat pump unit is usually a scheme that has neither heating boiler nor stable and reliable heat source,but it is required to be selected preferentially in the HVAC engineering design of the whole year.The centralized and semi centralized central central air-conditioning system composed of fan coil unit,air-conditioning box and other end devices has the advantages of flexible layout and diverse control modes,especially suitable for shopping malls,hospitals and hotels,apartments,factories,office buildings and other occasions.