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The installation of energy-saving freezer becomes a new direction of the development of refrigeratio

Time:2020-04-10 11:35:27
It is understood that at present,the frozen storage installation has become a scenic spot in the refrigeration industry,and there are many companies for the installation and construction of the frozen storage,many of which have sprung up,no doubt caused a lot of hidden dangers to the refrigeration market.In this way,users are troubled about what kind of refrigeration company to choose Better?How to choose high cost companies and low cost companies?This has also caused problems for many professional companies,because it is generally found that users are choosing companies with low cost,so there are many copycat machines and refurbished machines in the market,which is not only detrimental to the economic interests of customers,but also leads to the chaos of the refrigeration market.
At present,the installation of frozen storage is mainly used in the main production areas of fruits and vegetables,vegetable bases in suburbs of large and medium-sized cities,pharmaceutical industry,food industry,etc.,such as Shanghai,Jiangsu and Zhejiang,Hubei,Henan and other places.The demand for frozen storage in important transportation ports is also large.The development of agricultural industrialization has accelerated the rapid development of deep processing of agricultural products,food finishing and refrigeration.At the same time,the demand for the tonnage,scale and form of frozen storage is higher and higher.With the progress of science and technology and the development of refrigeration industry,a new freezing storage mode is adopted in food production,processing and storage.It replaces the construction mode and operation mode of the original frozen storage buildings with a new architectural concept of standardization,modularization and industrialization.
In the past few years,one of the most popular key words is"energy efficiency".With the rapid development of the frozen storage industry,the frozen storage industry continues to strengthen its technological R&D strength,and stops at the development and production of energy-efficient products.For the frozen storage industry,it is necessary to increase the investment in ultra-low temperature frozen storage,increase and improve the industrial chain of ultra-low temperature frozen storage as soon as possible,master and improve relevant technologies,and take the lead in launching influential products and brands.High energy efficiency technology products have become the leading direction of future development,so innovative energy-saving technology has become the constant development theme of frozen storage industry.
Large amount of power consumption and energy consumption are unacceptable to users,so Xiaobian reminds us not only to pay attention to the current construction price,but also to the later operation cost,which is a very large cost in the use of frozen storage.