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What is the difference between absorption refrigeration and vapor compression refrigeration?

Time:2020-03-06 11:34:08
The differences between absorption refrigeration and vapor compression refrigeration are as follows:(1)different energy compensation methods.According to the second law of thermodynamics,it is necessary to consume a certain amount of external energy as compensation to transfer the heat of low-temperature objects to high-temperature objects.Steam compression refrigeration relies on the transformation of electrical energy consumption into mechanical work as energy compensation,while absorption refrigeration is different,which relies on the consumption of heat energy as energy compensation.Therefore,absorption refrigeration can give full play to its advantages when the heat source is convenient and cheap,especially where waste heat can be used.(2)Different working fluids are used.Liquid gasification refrigeration is completed by the phase change of working medium.Except for mixed working medium,the working medium used in vapor compression refrigeration is a single substance,such as R717,R22,R134a,etc.The working medium of absorption refrigeration is different.It is a binary mixture of two substances with different boiling points.In the mixture,the substance with high boiling point is called absorbent,and the substance with low boiling point is refrigerant,so it is called absorbent refrigerant working pair