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The ozone layer can absorb a lot of ultraviolet rays from the solar radiation

Time:2019-08-06 11:31:57
Why is there a"hole"in the ozone layer
There is a stratosphere in the atmosphere above the earth.It is basically composed of ozone gas,so it is also called the ozone layer.The ozone layer can absorb a lot of ultraviolet radiation from the sun.After the ultraviolet rays in the solar radiation pass through the ozone layer,only a small amount of them reach the ground,which is not harmful to human beings and animals,but can kill bacteria,which is beneficial to human beings.But in recent years,due to the use of Freon refrigerants used in the manufacture of refrigerators and air conditioners,chlorofluorocarbons,such as foams and additives in aerosols,have entered the atmosphere and destroyed the ozone layer.Chlorofluorocarbons react with ozone to form chlorine oxide,thus reducing the amount of ozone.A large number of chlorofluorocarbons escape into the atmosphere,which reduces the ozone molecules in the ozone layer,and even thins some areas obviously.We call the part of the ozone layer where the amount of ozone is significantly reduced"cavity".The formation of the"cavity"has resulted in a significant increase in the amount of ultraviolet radiation from the area reaching the ground.This will cause human harms,such as the increase of the incidence rate of skin cancer and the destruction of the ecological balance.Therefore,we should pay attention to the protection of the ozone layer and restrict the production and use of chlorofluorocarbons