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Guangdong Taileng air conditioning manufacturing Co., Ltd
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Address: Taileng Industrial Park, Qiaodan North Road, Danzao Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City


aileng company implements the planning and management of"two channels"for employees'career.Each level of technical channel corresponds to the manager and supervisor level of management channel.Employees can choose technical channel or management channel according to their own professional expertise or management advantages,clarify their career development planning and provide employees with a comprehensive training planning system for different groups and training Training needs,provide basic training,OJT training,skill training,functional training,management training and other training courses or programs for employees at all levels.
Compensation and benefits
1.Care for the quality of life
Annual physical examination of employees
Supplementary commercial medical insurance
Read a Book
Coffee bar
2.Customized benefits
Festival Packet
Birthday wishes
Sympathy and care
3.Warm overseas welfare
Expatriate allowance
4.Value employee experience
Rich departmental team building activities
Fun games and family day
Employee activity center
Various clubs
5.Focus on work services
Work meal support
Dormitory arrangement guarantee
Transportation guarantee
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Email:taileng89,indicating the position.