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Guangdong Taileng air conditioning manufacturing Co., Ltd
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Address: Taileng Industrial Park, Qiaodan North Road, Danzao Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City


Guangdong Taileng air conditioning manufacturing Co.,Ltd.is a professional manufacturer of central air conditioning products.It is a subsidiary of Sino Taiwan joint venture established by Taiwan Zhongtai Group Technology Co.,Ltd.
The company is a modern enterprise with science and technology as its leading role,integrating R&D,design,manufacturing,marketing,installation and service.It is committed to providing overall solutions for large and medium-sized industrial,commercial and high-end civil air conditioning products and systems.
In 2005,the company established a mainland production and manufacturing base in Nanhai District,Foshan City,Guangdong Province.The company has passed ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification.The company mainly produces and sells chillers and water-cooled screw units,air-cooled module units,water-cooled constant temperature and humidity air conditioning units,combined air handling units,air volume 1000-200000 CHM,roof type constant temperature and humidity air conditioning units,roof type cleaning The clean cooling and heating unit has become a powerful product of our company.The special air conditioning unit of the machine room,the air(water)cold and clean integrated unit,the air cooling and hot water unit,the floor(ceiling)air cabinet,the wine kiln air conditioning,the air processing unit and the unit air conditioning have all obtained the energy-saving certification.Products are exported to Hong Kong,Macao,Taiwan,Southeast Asia and other regions.
We believe that through continuous improvement and innovation of excellent employees,we can create the best products.
We promise that the unqualified products will not leave the factory,and provide professional and comprehensive engineering solutions for all walks of life.
We believe that we should not only keep a good relationship with our customers,but also with all our partners.We realize that in this fast-growing market in the 21st century,improving the core competitiveness of enterprises will determine the success or failure of enterprises.We hope that the air-conditioner can not only become the leader of the market,but also the leader of the trend.
In the past 15 years,air conditioning products have been widely used in electric power,chemical industry,metallurgy,electronics,health care,military industry,municipal and other industries,and have been exported to dozens of countries and regions in Southeast Asia.The market share of the products has been the leading position in the industry for many years,and has been widely praised and praised by users at home and abroad.
With quality as the guarantee,science and technology as the pioneer,energy conservation and environmental protection as the goal,and the purpose of creating clean and comfortable life and precise air environment,Taileng has steadily stepped into the ranks of famous brand manufacturing enterprises in line with the persistent development faith,the extraordinary courage of continuous surpassing and the Grand mind of"grinding a sword in ten years and building a foundation in a hundred years".
Enterprise tenet:create value for customers,create benefits for enterprises,create wealth for employees and create prosperity for society.
Our commitment to products:unqualified products will never leave the factory,fully cooperate with the user's requirements,and strive to achieve a win-win situation.